About that new year’s diet

Did you resolve to lose weight? Yeah, me too. Last year I resolved to lose 15 pounds and that lasted about 3 weeks. This year, I have to lose 20.

I bought weight watchers ice cream bars…only 2 points WOO HOO!!! I threatened the people in my house that if they even thought about touching my weight watchers diet ice cream bars, there would be the sound of snapping bones when I broke fingers. Never mind the fact that I never buy ice cream bars when I’m not dieting but, diet ice cream is required for a diet, isn’t it? WELL, isn’t it? LOL

There was a commerical on TV recently that said if I replace breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait Lite, I could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks. I must go buy this miracle weight loss tool…a whole fridge full. Gosh I hope it’s on sale. Of course, it can’t be any more expensive than the weight watchers ice cream bars, can it?

I work in healthcare, with nurses and one said that the yoplait diet was no better than starving myself. Pfttt, this coming from a 23 y/o skinny minny. As if I’m gonna listen to that drivel. She has yet to diet a day in her life. I’ll just ignore her RN degree…that’ll show her LOL

I also work under a registered dietitian and take dietary classes myself. Here’s what the dietitian told me just before Christmas when we were all sitting around munching on holiday goodies. She said “If you eat that stuff in the presence of a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, the calories don’t even count”. It’s too bad she is only in the facility twice a week. I can’t wait to eat that long.

Back to the drawing board. I hope if you have weight loss goals, they are going well. For me, it will be a miracle if I get back down to 120 pounds.

Until next time…



  1. 1
    Nicole Says:

    Those WW ice creams are sinful! I love the chocolate-covered raspberry pops. The sandwich bars are good too, as are the cups and desserts.

  2. 2
    Mere Says:

    LMAO wow, you sound exactly like me hahaha. I work in healthcare as well except in a different setting. I need to lose 30lbs this year (darn depo) and what worked for me 2 years ago was lipo 6x. Its so much cheaper on amazon than at GNC. Im gonna get me that stuff again. I hope whatever you do works for you!

  3. 3

    Diets on the brain for me, too. 🙂 This blog post was hilarious. 🙂 Here’s to a dietitian sitting at my dinner table every meal… OK won’t happen but one could hope.

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