Recycling your Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

Christmas Gift Tags

I am beginning the chore of putting the Christmas decorations away. It’s a little early, yes but I like to start my new year off right with a tidy house and that means no decorations to distract me from that goal. Before I throw away the Christmas cards I get, I turn them into gift tags for next year.

This is a very common thing that people do with their Christmas cards every year. It is a great way to get extra life out of those pretty cards every year and it saves money. I don’t care if self stick tags go on sale for a dime a package (and I’ve seen them that low), there is no need to buy them when you can simply cut up your cards. A dime is a dime when struggling to meet the Christmas deadline.

It is so easy to make these:

Christmas Card Recycle

1. Gather all of your the cards you received this year

Recycle Christmas Cards

2. Using scissors cut the cards in various shapes and sizes that would be good for a gift tag. You can use scissors that cut straight lines or scissors that cut various shapes. I used scalloped scissors for these.

Reuse Christmas cards for Gift Tags

3. Pack these away for next year’s gifts. You are just going to tape these right on the package with the to and from on the back or use a hole puncher and ribbon to use them on homemade gift bags (which we will also do this year as a project here on the blog).

4. Pat yourself on the back that you have one chore done for next year already. Good job!!


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    Bailey Says:

    That is one I had not heard/thought of before. I have seen several ideas for Christmas Cards but not gift tags. This year I got so frustrated with the stick on labels I put everyone’s presents into big gift bags after wrapping and avoided the labels.

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